Thursday, December 23, 2010

Groves grooves 4: too late?

Houses playing in a Groves street a few days ago, with a wall-mounted post-box. You are probably too late if you want it to arrive before Christmas.


  1. From the (almost) very bottom of the World down here in Tasmania, I wish you a very Merry Christmas/Yule/Jul/Winter Solstice/Summer Solstice/Amaterasu/Brumalia/ Deygān/Dōngzhì/Hanukkah/Hogmanay/Jonkonnu/Korochun/Kolyada/koleda/Wren day/Lenæa/Meán Geimhridh/Lohri/Midvinterblót/Modranicht/Mummer's Day/Rozhanitsa Feast/Şewy Yelda/Soyalangwul/Ziemassvētki/Āshūrā/Ras as-Sana al-Hijreya or whatever festival you choose to Celebrate!

    If you’re opting out this year, have a great time in the next few weeks and keep up the good work!

  2. If you mailed me a Christmas card or New Years card from that RED mailbox and it ended up late over here, I'd still be happy!
    Merry Christmas from EAGAN daily photo

  3. My personal rule of thumb is, if I manage to send a Happy New Years card by Jan. 31, I'm doing okay.

  4. I always leave some too late!
    My best wishes to you, and to those you love, for a very happy Christmas.