Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lendal Cellars

Between the Guildhall archway (see below) and the Post Office is the entrance to Lendal Cellars, a real ale pub in the heart of York. It gets this review from a US citizen in Dallas: good fish and chips … the dungeon-like underground atmosphere is cool and strangely comforting - a great place for pub lunch or quick drink with friends - one of my favorite pubs in York.


  1. This is a place I will add on my list.
    My husband who is "made in England and from England.) will be impressed to visit it.

    I read in the newspaper that the top politicians for the LO (union organization) had been to York on a language course.....

  2. With an entrance like that, I'd be willing to venture in for a pint. Go ahead...twist my arm.