Saturday, April 16, 2011

Micklegate within with …

tell-tale TO LET signs on the pretty timber-framed building seen in yesterday's post. Several Micklegate businesses have closed or relocated recently (see labels); let's hope the economy picks up soon.


  1. A fantastic building! One of many things I like with England.
    I do hope that it will be looked after well. You are very good at doing so via "National Trust" and other ways to keep unique places, also to keep them open to us, the tourists...

  2. Lovely buildings. Unfortunately, it seems almost everyone is struggling in this dismal economy. Hopefully, some businesses will be interested in leasing space there soon.

  3. We share the same concerns about the economic revival. It seems so slow and so many businesses are failing. For rent signs are frequent around here too. Yet new businesses move in. They carry the optimism about the recovery.