Friday, January 22, 2010

Red is the colour

Wet and grey here today, so a nice splash of face-on red to cheer things up. The full name of the shop is The Red House Antique Centre, though in their home page picture it looks rather pink. It's worth a look for the angle and to situate the shop in relation to the Minster.

The Red House, Duncombe Place, was built in 1700 for the Lord Mayor of York. Many dealers sell from this prestigious location; the Minster is only 200 yards to the right, or to the left as you come out of the building. The trees are, of course, seasonal.


  1. It's a charming, historic building with lovely architectural features! But I just wish I could take a look around at all the antiques inside, too!

  2. Leif, you have a fixation on interiors! The Red House site gives you a peek.

  3. A very nice and welcoming building.