Saturday, March 27, 2010

Richard III museum

Monk Bar Tower (see Thursday's post) houses the Richard III (1452-1485) museum. Richard was defeated by the future Henry VII at Bosworth field in the last battle of the War of the Roses. King for only two years, he was the last of the House of York, the last of the Plantagenet dynasty, and the last English monarch to die in battle. 

History has probably not been fair to this king whose name used to be known by every English schoolchild, more because of the mnemonic for the colours of the rainbow,  Richard of York gave battle in vain, than for any of his achievements. 

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  1. Drat, I seemed to have missed this during my trip to York. Next time. Didn't the Tudors run a smear campaign against Richard III to help legitimize their taking of the crown?