Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is sprung, even in York.

St Cuthbert's crocuses:  the church lies just within the north city walls on Peaseholm Green, opposite King's Pool. It is the home of YoYo, the York Schools and Youth Trust, which seeks "to support and serve schools in the communication of the Christian faith." For a panoramic view of the exterior, go here.


  1. Sounds like the radio station I just posted about. But this is so much prettier! Beautiful flowers, especially against the old, lovely stone walls.

    Have you noticed by now that I love old stone? ;)

  2. I like this angle with the color, the stonework, the grass.

  3. What a lovely scene. Crocus are such great flowers. Hooray to spring. Have you noticed all the blogs that are commenting on the change of seasons?