Monday, April 19, 2010

Ello Flower!

A bit of colour in Goodramgate - and a bit of a joke. Flower is quite commonly used as a familiar term of endearment along with Dear, Ducks, Love, Hen,  Chuck, Hinny and Pet depending on the region. There will be many others, and sometimes you even hear Sweet-heart and Darling - a bit much when you meet a shopkeeper for the first time.

And just to show that it is not only ze Eenglish who like a pun, here is one from Compiègne, about 50 miles north of Paris.

Get it? Axée soir sells ladies' accessories for an evening (soir) out. Axée = centered on.


  1. Sooooo pretty. I just have to go back to Yorkshire soon.
    I better start saving.....

  2. You understand puns in two languages? Jeez, they have to draw me a map to understand a pun in my only language.

  3. J'aime bien le axée soir, mais ce qui me fait mourir de rire, c'est quand les français croient faire de l'humour anglais, généralement avec des spelling mistakes. Ah well, we're still a long way from saying 'ello doock'!

  4. Too very pretty store fronts! We don't have much for small, independent stores anymore around here! That's sad.