Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flats on the Foss, York

As a complete change from the last few posts, something from the present century, or the very end of the last. These desirable apartments are on the River Foss, York's smaller waterway. 

There are no walls or ramparts here, as the water provided a natural defence. A few yards to the right is Foss Island Road, part of the inner ring road. 

Below is one of my fav views of Pierrefonds, near Compiègne, France. Surprisingly it does not feature the famous château of a recent post. One last holiday snap tomorrow, then back to CDP rules … 


  1. True confessions: I never saw this part of York. True impressions: Even though the buildings are modern, the willows and reeds soften the scene and make the view appealing.

  2. Such sweet comments! Thank you so much!