Monday, November 8, 2010

York poplars unfelled

Another autumnal shot from Walmgate, York, this time of St Denys' church which we visited in more wintry conditon here.  There was a Saxon church on this site, and possibly an even earlier Roman temple. It might not look much from the outside, but inside St Denys' is illuminated by York's earliest medieval stained glass. A view of the interior can be found on this page

The title refers to two poems, The Poplar Field and Binsey Poplars by William Cowper and Gerard Manley Hopkins respectively. As poplars only have a life of about 150 years and often have to be cut down anyway, Hopkins' verse is rather misleading; its environmental concern, however, is surprisingly modern.

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  1. I think I'd be dizzy visiting there with all that great history. Nice shot and love that color.