Friday, February 18, 2011

More of the same …

A typical black and white painted timbered construction on Pavement, opposite Marks and Spencer. The flexion in the lower beam is impressive; the interior doors of these older buildings have to be cut at an odd angle to allow for the slope on the floor, which makes draughtproofing pretty difficult.  For another photograph of the same spot showing the Golden Fleece, allegedly the town's most haunted pub, next door, go here.


  1. Wonderful architecture to see. Amazing how it bows like that and still stays up!

  2. Love it!- Wonderful. A friend who has been to York not long ago, recommended the city...... so I said,Yes, I know it is very very pretty!
    - (Thanks to your photos and info.)

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. J'adore.

    Et Marx and Sparx me manque.

  4. Very interesting. I like that look.

  5. One of the many pleasures of York--the diversity of its architecture. Timbered buildings are thrilling to me.