Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boats, beer and baptism …

One of several photos taken on our way to an indoor water event, the baptism of two "young" Christians, one 17 and the other approaching 70. Never too late.


  1. A wonderful harbor view with some quite impressive architecture! I hope you'll show us some baptism photos, too!

  2. I love those buildings!
    So are you a language teacher? I'm also in education, but as a teacher in the elementary schools. I've noticed your Spanish comments, do you know Spanish?

  3. You're right, we've seen a few buildings in Toronto that look amazingly like these. Haven't gone to Kensington yet because we're in Quebec right now. Old Quebec is gorgeous! French rather than British though. Reminds me of Manila's Intramuros, though that's Spanish. We came in early today — we haven't even been walking a week and our feet are about ready to quit on us.