Sunday, May 9, 2010

Osbaldwick, York

A ten to fifteen minute stroll east along the Derwent Valley cycle path brings you to this pretty village. The walk is a real treat at this time of year,  despite the disappointing temperatures; the blossom and birdsong are wonderful. See below for a view of a bridge over the beck.

Osbaldwick is a two-pub 11th century village about 2 miles east of York city centre, named after a Northumbrian earl. The suffix wick is Anglo-Saxon for an outlying farm rather than Norse for bay or creek.

Carolyn, thanks for your comments on yesterday's picture. I'm glad you enjoyed York so much. If ever you come again, be sure to let me know. We have been over The Pond but only to New York (city and state) with brief visits to Niagara and Toronto.

T. Becque, yes, it is still pretty cold here; I don't know if this word has crossed the Atlantic, but we were nithered! It seems to have originally been a Yorkshire term, but has spread throughout the north. 

Leif, thanks for your regular, faithful encouragement! I have some shots of the interior of the minster/cathedral on a CD somewhere, but can't find it! As soon as I lay my hands on it, I'll post a picture - I know you like an inside view.

Lunarossa, I wasn't expecting any comments on the Jewbury wall picture, so it was a pleasure to get yours. We too go into York this way and know the restaurant quite well. I quite often work freelance just off Peasholme Green in St Saviour's Place (see the York Associates link), so when the weather is good, take advantage of the public garden just behind Le Langhe to enjoy my pack lunch.


  1. Two-pub is a great measure for the size of human settlement:-)). And the info about "wick" is very interesting. Besides the so beautiful photo.

  2. Okay, so this sounds (although not meant to be) like a generic comment, but what comes to mind is that it's pretty. Your images are pretty. I've never heard of "nithered" before, but I love it. We are in the 90's so I will not be using your term to describe our weather!

  3. Oooh the band must have been cool.
    It's cold, but at least you have a blue sky for the lovely village green. At least, that's what it looks like to me and I can imagine a nice Maypole there...