Saturday, May 1, 2010

St Martins le Grand, York.

Named after St Martin of Tours (France), the present church is a restoration of the one bombed in a 1942 air raid. For a detailed history, read this. St Martins is on Coney Street, a busy shopping thoroughfare; the sextant wielding "Little Admiral" on the double-sided clock is facing roughly east towards Spurriergate. 

Another not quite in the rules statue from the Rodin Museum, Paris, below.  Same photographic joke as last Saturday.


  1. Great clock and nice lighting you captured.

  2. May 1 is Theme Day. Even though you didn't link to CDP specifically for the theme, you actually participated. The theme is "statues," which both your photos have! Really love the clock.

  3. Beautiful ART!!:-)
    Nice photographs.