Monday, July 5, 2010

New York, Old York

We've had this pun before with reference to a pizza restaurant. Here an old smoker next to Peasholme House surveys the first phase of the Hungate development on the Foss. 


  1. Interesting juxtaposition. How is the Hungate development going over with residents? The new York sure looks different from the old York.

  2. So this is a new development? It looks nice.
    I speak a little Spanish, I understand more than I can say. I could never hold a conversation. But during conference time (me as the teacher conferencing with my student's parents who quite often only speak Spanish) I understand a lot of what is said, I just can't say anything back and sound intelligent! I've tried French, Italian, Spanish (more times than I care to admit), and sign language. I have yet to have success.