Sunday, July 11, 2010

Royal sleeper

Not your average couchette, this one! This is Edward VII's bedroom on the royal train now parked at the National Railway Museum. A few of the other exhibits can be seen through the window. After a horrendous Black Saturday drive through France yesterday, how I wish we'd taken the air-conditioned TGV (high-speed train)!

Although our visit to Paris was to visit a friend at the Institut Curie, we had time for a stroll in the baking heat, always on the lookout for a bit of shade. The roses which frame the shot of Notre Dame below were beautifully scented. The sculpture in the park is a Rodin, a smaller version of Les Portes de L'Enfer (The Gates of Hell), I think. 


  1. That's a remarkable bedroom on a train. Edward VII knew how to ride in royal style. Nice shot of Notre Dame -- I like the wide perspective. What's Black Saturday?

  2. James: Regarding Sunshine Laws - in 1994, Florida voters approved a state constitutional amendment requiring meetings of elected and appointed bodies be open to the public (with a few exceptions). Elected officials cannot discuss any issue privately amongst themselves (two or more) which they might eventually take a vote on. All talks are required to be conducted out in the open -- "out in the sunshine" -- not in a dark, smoked filled room. That includes email, which was the point in question with the stadium lawsuit.