Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cathedral controversy

The seasoned eye will recognise at once that this is not York Minster. This shot from the free-standing bell-tower is of St André's cathedral, Bordeaux, showing off its flying buttresses and red tiled lower roofing.

The controversy of the title, however, concerns York Minster, so here are answers to some of yesterday's questions:

No, you don't have to pay to attend a service; many tourists go to Wednesday evensong, listen to the choir, then enjoy the architecture free of charge. 

I'm not sure how long they have been charging for entry. You can in fact get so far into the cathedral before you have to pay, but cannot see the nave or the wonderful chapter house, for example. Other cathedrals have prominent donation boxes with an indication of what each visitor needs to give to keep the building maintained.

I agree with Hilda that the roof looks asymetrical in this picture, but can't say why that might be.  


  1. So beautiful building. How could they do this hard job so precise???

  2. What a terrific vantage point! Really neat shot showing the flying buttresses and roofs. That's some amazing architecture.