Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clifford's Tower 3

A third visit to York's most prominent fortification, which is to be found on T_ _ _ _ r Street (answers on a postcard please). For Mediterranean dishes, try the Olive Tree, and for Cantonese, Jade Garden, both of which look out onto this view. 


  1. Lovely! I'd love to hike those steps and stroll around Clifford's Tower. Hmmm...if I only knew the name of the street where it's located!

  2. Now I wouldn't want to weather a siege there.

  3. Since it's lunch time here and I haven't eaten yet, I'm not sure whether I'm more interested in the tower or the two restaurants. :P

    Like you, I'm having a difficult time squeezing in visits. It's easier when I'm just working at the computer, but there are days when all I have are meetings, which makes blog-hopping impossible. It doesn't help that I discovered the joys of FB games, heehee. But only at night when I get home. I'm a good girl. I think.