Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Petrified lions 2

Don't worry, the lions are harmless. 

We've been here at Grays Court, off Chapter House Street,  several times already, so you know where we spend our pocket money. Through the gates and to the left are the tea-gardens whilst directly to the left, avoiding the risk of being eaten alive by heraldic beasts, is the main entrance to the tea-rooms, where the round, possibly walnut, table of a few days ago is to be found.

Here we are looking north-east towards the city walls from which you can get down directly into the gardens. I recommend the scrambled egg and salmon for Saturday brunch. 


  1. Gray's Court seems like a jewel. And that brunch sounds absolutely perfect.

  2. Great shot. I like the light and the darkness on the sky.

  3. This is so nice with the shade, light and stormy sky! I like how you use "whilst", I don't know if I could use it properly!