Saturday, October 23, 2010

Something old, something new

This is the new York St John University development on Lord Mayor's Walk, seen from the city walls just above the Deanery Garden. It takes in the houses with the chimney pots as well as the new builds beside and behind them. I like the bold marriage of ancient and modern here.


  1. I know the St John's building has come in for a lot of criticism but I like it in that situation, I think it shows some hope for the future which, goodness knows, is what we need at the moment! preserve the old by all means but look forward.

  2. I agree, I too like old and new together. Your comment "cracking photo" made me smile. I know I've commented on your phrasing before and I only mean it as a compliment. I'm intrigued by words/phrases used by others. So what exactly does "cracking" mean?

  3. Wow - it sure has changed since I was at St Johns. I think I played tennis where those new blocks are.