Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shimmering Shambles shop …

and probably a shivering shopper! Shambles, York's most famous street, gives its name to anything messy and disorganised. Formerly full of butchers' stalls, it suffered from the awful smell of stinking offal and sanitary waste. 

Today, however, you can window-shop without the risk of insalubrious ejections from the upper floors, and enjoy the boutiques, restaurants and sandwich bars in complete safety. More background information is to be found here, including the origin of the name, a couple of photos and the location of other UK Shambles.


  1. Jewelry displays will always catch a woman's eye. Even if it is raining.

  2. Not forgetting the wonderful Italian Bread shop

  3. Well, it was the umbrella, then the building and the wooden "door" that caught my eye.... If and when I will go to york, I will look out for this street..... and the Italian bread shop too.