Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goldmine on Silver Street

Another timber-framed building, this time right next to the market, which no doubt guarantees a lively trade for the café. Are Gert and Henry guilty of vandalism? 

I'm not sure of the name of the church. As a street called Patrick Pool is just round the corner, my guess would be St … but in fact it is St Sampson's. Thanks to the two readers who pointed this out.


  1. I just love these English timber buildings. Great shot!

  2. When we visited York we were impressed at the quntity of these timbered buildings. I'm glad you're showing them to us. It always astounds me how much they can sag yet still stand and be in use. Very little where I live is built to last.

  3. St Sampsons

  4. Thanks, Freda for the tip and Kris for the confirmation and link.

    Bill, I may well have already said this, but if you like medieval timber-framed buildings, click on Troyes, Champagne. It beats York and Chester hands down.