Friday, June 25, 2010

Cathedral of the Wolds

This is the grand title given to All Saints Pocklington, jut a few miles east of York, off the Hull road. The Sotheby Cross in the churchyard tells us that St Paulinus preached here AD627. Though the foundation is Saxon, most of the present building dates from 12th to 15th centuries. Some Norman stonework has, however, survived. The Wolds are the relatively low, rolling hills of East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. 


  1. What a wonderful old structure. It's amazing that history can be traced back to AD627. And, even more amazing that the cathedral itself has endured for so long. Looks like a beautiful day too!

  2. I always love to see these magnificent old cathedrals!

  3. I read that as "Cathedral of the Worlds" which I thought sounded rather Dr Who-ish :)