Sunday, June 6, 2010

John Hutton's Hope

Holy Trinity church, off Goodramgate again, showing gravestones, outbuildings and the contrasting modern constructions off Low Petergate. The words on John Hutton's grave in the foreground read as follows:

Go home, dear wife, and shed no tears:
I must ly here till Christ appears,
And at his coming hope to have 
A joyful rising from the grave.

You can't chisel all of your theology onto a gravestone, and this verse omits the belief expressed by the Apostle Paul that to depart is to be with Christ, which is far better (Philippians 1:23), according to which John Hutton's body may be in the grave, but he himself is elsewhere. Though sharing Hutton's resurrection hope, I think his first line is more Stoic than Christian. 

Leif, in answer to your question about this church, it is no longer a place of worship, but has a steady stream of visitors, partly because of its setting right in the centre of York and partly because of its furnishings, notably the relocated pulpit, box pews and stained glass.

Thanks to all for recent commented visits. I'll get organised to join the special events one of these days.


  1. Nice capture. I love the old church with the green grass and the tombstones. Well done!

  2. How old is this cemetary? It looks very old. Gosh, again, I'm always so astounded by the history that surrounds your area!