Monday, June 7, 2010

Church, arts centre, or …

pub? In fact St John's church, lower Micklegate, ceased to function as a place of worship in the 1930s and is currently a pub known as The Parish. It was an arts centre for a while, and is still noted as such on some of older street plans. This split-level conversion retains many original features and according to punters it works quite well. I like the brick and timber belfry, if that's what it is. 

TBecque: Holy Trinity, yesterday's church, is mainly 15th century. The stained glass was donated in 1470 by one of the vicars.


  1. I don't know, from church to pub, isn't that going in the opposite direction?! :)

  2. you have to show us the inside! One of the neatest places I visited in Scotland a couple of years ago was a church turned pub -- very cool!

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